Sunday, March 1, 2015

Buyers Make Sense ~ Tips, Tricks & Advice

Okay, so we know that the buyers are going to be looking around the house and at some of the very specific things around your house.  But did you realize that they are going to looking at things within the house too that you need to be prepared for?

There are no perfect buyers nor perfect agents that will be bringing the buyers through.  We try to watch them very closely and absolutely discourage them from being like this picture!  But, Buyers will look:

  • In your closets
  • In your cupboards
  • Inside your refrigerator
  • Inside the stove
Make sure these areas are clean, organized and there's nothing there that you don't want someone to see.

Also, buyers sometimes have children with them.  And not all parents watch them very closely.  Here are a few tips that will keep you, your stuff and others safe:

  • Put away any collectibles that you don't want broken or to come up missing
  • Make sure there are no prescription drugs around the house
  • ABSOLUTELY NO GUNS in the house that are not inside a locked case and out of site

One last quick note.  Because you are not going to holding the buyers' hands as they walk through your home, make notes and tell them why things in your house are special.  Or create one sheet that has everything on it that they can look for as they go through.  Is that chandelier one-of-a-kind?  Has the carpet or flooring been replaced in the past few months?  Is that a new deck on the back?  Any of these items would be great information for a buyer to know about your home.  Share it!